Nursing Care Service BD
Nursing Care Service BD

Providing nursing service in Dhaka Bangladesh

“মেডিকেল নার্সিং সেবা এখন আপনার ঘরে, নার্সিং কেয়ার সার্ভিস আছে এখন আপনাদের পাশে” আজই কল করুন:


Welcome To Nursing Care Service BD 

We are Nursing Care Service BD, we provide their services by skilled nurses in different types of patient homes all over Bangladesh. The services we provide at home are: Home Care, Nursing Home Services, New Burn Care, Neuro Patent Care Dhaka Dhaka, ICU Patent Care, Home At Physiotherapy, Adult Care Home Support, Nursing Services, Personal Care At Home, Care Nurse Support , Medical Equipment, Oxygen Cylinder Rental Dhaka Dhaka, Oxygen Cylinder Sale, Patient Care, Home Support, Home Care Support, Nursing Home Care, Nursing Home Support, Nursing Home Services ka Naka, Nursing Home Agency, Home Nurses Supplier Dhaka...

Our Service

Oxygen Cylinder

We provide medical oxygen cylinder rent or sell service, you can call us for any emergency at anytime...

Nursing Home Care

Best Nursing Home Care Service Provider in Dhaka City at Reasonable Price BD. We are  nursing home care in Dhaka BD,Home care Patient service

Elderly Care

Elderly care in Dhaka Bangladesh,we are providing nursing home service and new born Care bd, Neuro Patient Care Dhaka bd

200+ Clients

We served more than 500 clients already, we provide them nursing service, patient care service, palliative care service & much more.

80+ Nurse

We have more than 80+ well trained nurse, wordboy. We have diploma and non diploma nurses, also have bsc nurses.

100+ Cylinder

We sale or rent 100+ oxygen cylinder among of our clients. We provide linde oxygen cylinder for buy or rent.

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Air Mattress

Air mattress price in Dhaka

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Philips CPAP Machine

Philips CPAP machine Price bd

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Suction Machine

Suction Machine

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What are our clients saying about us.

We get best service from "Nursing Care Service BD" , We are really very happy about their nurse's behavior. Thank you guys."

Rokeya Begum

"I take a service for my mother & they provide us a really good nurse who take care my mother better more than us. Thank you."

Masum Sikder

Our Team

We are working as a strong team that actually help us to provide you better services.

Bertie Norton


Md.Rahat Islam

Managing Director

Jennie Clarke


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Nursing Home Service BD

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Nursing Home Care BD

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What is Nursing Care Service BD?

What care is provided in a nursing home?
All the care that is given in the nursing home in your home, to serve your elderly parents.
# 24 hours care and service for sick people.
# Making the patient take medicine.
# Bathe the patient regularly.
# Check blood pressure regularly.
# Put the catheter on the patient.
# Proper diet and control of diabetic patients.

What is the main purpose of a nursing home?
Our main goal is to provide better quality services to the sick people and help the sick people to lead a normal life through the services of skilled nurses at home.

What is considered as skilled care in a nursing home?
Services considered as skilled care are Oxygen Cylinder Home Service, Medical Equipment, Physiotherapy, Saline Pushing, Surgical Dressing, Ivy Canula, Bathing / Toileting / Grooming, NG Tube, Catheter, Injection Pushing (IV / IM), Nebula Diabetes measured, full-time care of the elderly and the elderly, etc.

We Provide our nursing service:

Medical care Service BD,Providing nursing service at your home in Dhaka Bangladesh. We are 24 hours homes care in Dhaka BD,To help you live independently in your own home and the people in your home, there are many home care products and services available. Home care Patient service and Medical home service are provide in Bangladesh,
Home care bd,New Born Care,ICU Patinet Care bd ,Elderly Care Home Support ,Nursing Services bd,Personal Support Care at home bd Care nurse Support BD, Medical equipment ,Oxygen Cylinder Rent Dhaka,Oxygen Cylinder Sell bd,Patient Care , Home Support , Home Care Support bd ,Nursing home support ,