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24 hours nursing service

24 hours nursing service

24 hours of nursing service

Providing nursing service at your home in Dhaka Bangladesh.

We are  24 hours of nursing homes care in Dhaka BD, To help you live independently in your own home and the people in your home,

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Home Nurse Supplier, Nursing Home Support Dhaka.As soon as we talk about the torture of the sick and the elderly,

Nursinethree types of people will appear before our eyes – women, children, the elderly.

We all know that women are victims of harassment and abuse in the family, social and political spheres, as well as children.

Victims of domestic violence. Many children in the workplace and in educational institutions. Gets mental and physical punishment.

Our elderly people are suffering from extreme neglect, cruelty, disrespect, and torture.

The suffering of 14 million elderly people is a new challenge before us.

The biggest challenge is to stop the abuse of the elderly and provide them with proper care in their old age.

Why not get good service in old age?

If you take the initiative to provide good service in old age to find the answer to this question, you will get benefits.

Science says that a depress person chooses someone weaker than himself to overcome his frustration.

And he wants to get a kind of mental perfection by torturing the weak.

That is why we see the cruelty of the strong over the weak, torture, humiliation, neglect in old age.

More recently we have seen husbands killing wives, children killing mothers, housewives killing working girls, bosses killing his employees, terrorists attacking ordinary people, MPs being shot or beaten.

Nursing home care

If we explain these, we will see that all are attacking the weak.

Looking at the animal kingdom, it is seen that the strong animals are avoided by the weak animals.

Maybe he doesn’t want to read in front. This inhuman behavior of man is basically his brutal instinct.

According to psychologist Sigmund Freud, the reason behind such behavior is the repressed desire of man – which he liken to opening the window of the subconscious mind.

Desiring, consciously he covers them with his education, civilization, tastes, culture, sociality and morality.

She repress desires are not fulfill directly.

24 hours of nursing care at your home

It is said that there is an attempt to fill the gap through violence and brutality.

Sometimes he expresses this violence alone and sometimes he expresses it in groups.

Criminologists interpret human cruelty, oppression, and torture one by one.

Has done. The well-inform people hope that a welfare state for the people will not be forme unless the oppression and torture in the society are stopping.

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