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BD Nursing Home Service

BD Nursing Home Service

Service means self-satisfaction

The nursing profession means a battlefield. Service means self-satisfaction, proper nursing home care service Dhaka bd, and patient care at home and contacts us to get the service. Service is our absolute religion.

The enemy of a nurse is the patient’s disease, just as on the battlefield one has to be steadfast in the face of the enemy without being disturbed.

And the patient is a relative. To protect this relative, a nurse does not take time to think at all about risking her own life.

Proof of this is that nurses have contributed a lot in tackling different adverse environments through our different nursing services at different times.

He doesn’t have time to think about his own family and his own life but even then the life of a patient becomes much bigger than his own life.

It’s not just responsibility, it’s self-satisfaction.

“Lady with the Lamp”, the pioneer of modern nursing, revered by nurses around the world

He is such an honorable one to us that his one word is equivalent to the word of God to the nurses.

World Nurses’ Day is celebrated around the world every year to pay their respects to her.

On the occasion of World Nurses Day, the Government of Bangladesh Hon’ble Prime Minister told the youth of the country that this is a great profession and another means of serving people all over the world is nursing service.

The proportion of current nurses

According to the World Health Organization, the ratio of doctors to nurses should be 1: 3.

The picture of Bangladesh is quite different there. At present, there are more than 6,000 doctors in Bangladesh.

According to the rules, there should be more than two lakh nurses.

BD Nursing Home Service

However, according to the Bangladesh Nursing Council, there are only 41,000 registered nurses in Bangladesh and more than 20,000 of them are unemployed.

To alleviate some of this problem, tens of thousands of nurses have been recruited. According to the Bangladesh Nursing Council, a large part of the country works as midwives.

They are working tirelessly for the development of maternity services. nursing home care in Dhaka BD, Home care Patient service and Medical home service are provide in Bangladesh, Nursing home call

Service means self-satisfaction, proper nursing home care service, and patient care at home and contacts us to get the service. Service is our absolute religion