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Old and sick persons, children, paralysis, stroke patients, crippled, blind, dementia patients,Home care in Dhaka Bangladesh(BD),We are providing nursing hearth some service at your hearth in 24 hours

operative patients, ICI, return patients, CC-Y patients, mental retardation, casualty injured persons Second,

we provide 24 hour 12-hour patient care to care for your aging ill parent.

 Nursing Home some  are:

The attendant employees will be present at the workplace at this time.Blood pressure,

pulse, fever, glucose, respiratory, etc. will measure at the right time.

At the right time, quantity, the right medicine should be taken as per the doctor’s advice.

Take baths, hands, feet and back joints at the right time. Save the clean after 2-3 days and cut the nails periodically.
The patient should sit or lie down as he/she feels comfortable..

Home care Dhaka

This will help you to go back and always be alert. You will eat the right amount of food at the right time. If you do not eat food in the mouth, NG will try to eat it repeatedly or in some way.

If the body is tired, the patient must look for any kind of bedrock or wounds, change the side after 2/2 hours if necessary and dress to understand the condition.

Helps to take the patient to the toilet. If the closet in the bed is, it must be going. The closet will check if the urinary incontinence is correct.

NG tubes, if you have a catheter, definitely care. He walks 2/3 daily and does body, hand,

foot or massage as per the patient’s needs.

patients will read magazines, story books, etc. and talk to the patient beautifully.

The patient will use the cloth, fold the bed.
The necessary treatment equipment must be clean with the machine.

Patients will have respectful use with visitors. Will provide services according to their advice.Home care in Dhaka Bangladesh(BD),We are providing nursing home care service at your home in 24 hours..