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The relationship between mother and child is natural.  The mother hugs her child and begins to grow up.  Once upon a time, Elderly care Home care center in Bangladesh a, child named Cole from the ground.  Finds playmates.  Goes to school with bookshelves. Old nursing home care center Dhaka bd This is how the child grows up and creates distance with the mother.Home care center BD

Tends to be the child who could not remain single without seeing the mother, may at one time be far away from the mother.  Due to our social system, women are under the care of their father during childhood, care of husband in youth, care of son in old age.

Women cannot take control of their lives independently.  Dependence becomes attainment in women’s lives.  The mother realizes which of her children is likely.  She is vulnerable to the child, unknowingly in her mind.  Become  He cared a little more.

Other children can understand it.  When they emigrated, the mother said, “Everyone is equal to me, everyone is my child.  But why is his special being weakened by this child?  The mother knows that the older child will provide her with financial and social security.

The desire to be in the shadow – in the shelter of that child – grows.  But in the midst of a cruel joke of fate, the mother receives shelter and service from the weakest child.  The child enters a busy life by pursuing higher education or by doing business.  Most of the time, Home care center in Bangladesh you get success.

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As long as the father is alive, the mother has at least one house.

The father died before the mother due to age differences.  Motherless Homeless – Children go homeless without shelter.  Someone is lying on the husband’s vitamins.  Living with extreme humiliation, contempt and neglect is really sad. Many of you remember the former Chief Conservator of Forests.  Speaking of Osman Gani, who is about five crores after a one-off turnaround.

He was arrested by law enforcement agencies including money.  In his house. Elderly care in Bangladesh Bed, fridge, cupboard, rice drum was found in the money.  He is older every month.  Mom sent 4 thousand 5 rupees to the village house.

Bunkhiko ‘many in the opinion of Osman Gani’ are the sons of our society.  There are many events around us.  This is happening on a regular basis.  I would like to inform you of such a fact.  Incident: Name Mymena Khatun, age 5.

Three boys are a girl.  The boys are established.  One girl, he is well.  Mymena’s husband died in 6. Then he will be 25 to 20 years old.  The girls of our society at this age.  Get married  Mymena didn’t look at the faces of the children and got married.

Children are educated.  The meat is good.  Among the three boys, Maejo had weaknesses for the Mejo boys.  The boy used to call Kale Manik.

His son was really manic.  Business – Has gained a lot of wealth by trading.  One of the most respected people in the city.  For nearly 20 years, Maimena lived in Manik near her house.  Raised four grandchildren on a couch.

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Do Hajj four times.  Manik went to Hajj with his son twice.  Many donations have been made.  Family members – relatives – neighbors have received help from Maimana in a feasible way.  Suddenly the situation changed.  Kale Manik told ‘Maimana,’ a lot.  The day was with me, this time with other boys.

Mymena proudly came to her husband’s house in the village house.  Started to wait  The boy will call back in time to come back.  It’s been thirty days, the boy doesn’t call anymore.  Then he himself returned to the other boy’s home.

It’s been a month since the boy’s phone doesn’t ring.  Finally, he called the old age homes in Bangladesh himself.

Hopefully, the boy will tell her to return.  The boy just talked and didn’t talk back. Family complications continued to increase.  After all the insults, I went to the house of Mama ‘Kale.  The home with the highest honor for 25 years.