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We believe that at, we can deliver home care services of the highest order for a variety of clinical needs including Tracheostomy care and ventilator care for our patients.TRACHEOSTOMY CARE AND VENTILATOR CARE SERVICESYou will have many questions that need answering, we will do our best to answer these as completely as possible. We will provide you with information from physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and other home care services health care professionals – in short, the team of specialists and health care professionals who will be managing this condition at home. Typically, the team will comprise a group of highly qualified and experienced home health care professionals.THE TRACHEOSTOMY AND VENTILATOR SERVICES TEAMIHHC’s Tracheostomy care team will typically include:
Surgeons and otolaryngologists-head and neck surgeons
Home care nurses
Speech and swallowing pathologists
Respiratory care practitioners: Specially trained health care professionals who help to treat and re-establish respiratory function for patients with airway and breathing problems. Their expertise is utilized to evaluate and handle patients with the following conditions:Tracheostomy tubes and oxygen therapy
Ventilator care
Chronic heart and lung problems that require breathing treatment and help

Other healthcare professionals
EQUIPMENT USED AT HOME FOR THE PATIENTFor patients who require tracheostomy care, we will provide the following equipment:Suction apparatus
Suction catheter
Oxygen cylinder or Oxygen concentrator (If a patient requires oxygen support)
Pulse oximeter
For taking care of patients on a ventilator, we will provide the following equipment:Portable ventilator
Suction apparatus
Suction catheter
Oxygen cylinder and Oxygen concentrator
Vital monitoring equipment such as a cardiac monitor